May 26, 2013
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HMA Pro VPN Key Features

hma pro vpnHide My Ass Virtual Private Network or HMA VPN is an internet activity encryption service. Simply put, it hides, among others, your internet activity, location, IP address, physical device identification, etc. It also allows you to unblock certain websites, go thru firewalls, surf anonymously, etc.

This article will provide the reader with the key features of HMA Pro VPN. These features will be explained, and examples maybe given if needed. Insights from the author will also be given freely, whenever appropriate.


HMA VPN Servers Location

HMA boasts of 343 servers that is scattered around 53 countries. This equals to roughly 40,500 IP addresses. More than half of these servers, or around 176 is located in the United States. That translates to 22,257 US based IP addresses.

VPN Server Locations

By using HMA’s services to change your location, you can hide yourself from prying eyes. But if you are not into the spy, cloak and dagger thing, then a more practical application would be to utilize HMA to fool a website as to your actual location. Say, you live in the UK but you want to fool the website into thinking you live in the United States.

For example, you want to watch a movie or a television program. You go to the website, click on the video stream, and you get a message that says “This service is not applicable in your location”, or “This service can only be availed of within the United States”. With a few clicks of the mouse you can change locations and continue watching your video stream.

Change Your IP and ID

VPN IP change

Without going into much detail, when you browse the internet or when you post something on the web, you can be detected and traced to your actual physical location and even subscriber name. This can be done by any internet savvy individual via reverse tracking.

If you have a paid subscription to an internet service, they can even get the information and find out your personal details. In some cases reverse trackers also use the unique identification number of your device i.e. laptop, tab, smart phone, etc. Now if you paid credit for the device using your credit card, or left personal information which the seller stored electronically, it can also be extracted.

You might say, there are freeware that cloak your IP. The problem is, a cloak can easily be overridden. On the other hand a proxy IP can seem real, so the tracker is left none the wiser as to your personal details.

Hide Your Browsing History

Let’s be honest here most netizens go to websites they would rather have no one else know about. Yes, I am talking about porn! And no, it is not limited to the same.

If you share your CPU capable device with another, or you browse these websites in your office, they can be able to trace your internet browsing history, EVEN if you erase the browsing history. HMA VPN allows you to hide your browsing history. This not only prevents others from seeing your browsing history, but can even go thru firewalls that your office might have set up.

How’s the Speed?

VPN speed

One of the main concerns when browsing using a VPN is the internet speed. Simply put, if you go thru a Virtual Private Network, your browsing speed usually goes down. HMA VPN does not guarantee that there will be no drop in internet speed.

This is because the answer will depend on several factors outside the control of HMA VPN. What it does promise are these:

  • HMA VPN employs OpenVPN. This is much safer and faster than PPTP
  • HMA VPN utilizes OpenVPN over UDP. This significantly increases the speed of the former.
  • HMA VPN allows you to customize your DNS server. This allows you to tweak your browsing speed to a certain extent. At the very least, this can be faster than your default DNS (supplied by your ISP).
  • Professional customer support that will guide you via chat or email in configuring the same.

VPN Compatibility

HMA VPN is compatible with most protocols. This includes but is not limited to: OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. HMA VPN servers are grouped to allow you to choose compatible servers faster.

There are also useful information regarding compatibility issues and quick fixes. For example, if you are using a smart phone like an iphone and are experiencing difficulties connecting then you should try changing to IPSEC, L2TP, or PPTP

Customer Support

Netizens want to know the answers to their questions now, not later. HMA VPN employs a sufficient number of customer support personnel who are extremely well trained.

There is a 12 hour live chat service and an email support service. There is also a HMA forum. This way you can actually interact with other members and get your answers there.

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