Sep 25, 2023
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Malwarebytes Review – Free or Paid

Businesses looking to keep their computers safe from ransomware, threats and infected sites should get Malwarebytes. It’s a recognized name in anti-malware solutions whose latest version can perform comprehensive scans even when computers are not in use.

Malware compromises your privacy, monitor your activities and report to the advertisers. Malwarebytes also wipes out serious issues such as ransomware. It cannot replace your antivirus software, but it is an excellent addition to your online security source.

Malwarebytes is one of the biggest anti-malware software with a history, of about nine years. In the year 2008, the first version of Malwarebytes was launched by Marcin Kleczynski and Bruce Harrison.

Main Features

  • Cleans infected devices
  • Shields vulnerable systems
  • Warning tools
  • Centralized threat reporting
  • Prevention tools
  • Stops ransomware attacks
  • Unifies multiple Malwarebytes
  • Centralized management
  • Flexible push-install options
  • Discovers all networked endpoints
  • Performs deployments quickly
  • Asset management to deploy solutions, track, manage, and monitor endpoints

Free Version

It is available both as a free and as a paid product and offers reasonable subscription plans for the regular users. Over 15 years of experience in the field, the team behind Malwarebytes has been perfecting the original “formula” with each new update. our experts strongly recommend installing the free edition to help your main antivirus software deal with all the latest threats. Malwarebytes always targets brand-new threats that even the strongest antiviruses like Kaspersky might fail at detecting.

The Malwarebytes Free download procedure is straightforward, and you’ll be done with installation in a matter of minutes.

Just go to the official website and hit the big green button that says “Free Download” – that’s pretty much it! The system will automatically start downloading the installation file to your drive. What you should do next is start the launcher, follow its instructions, and wait until the software is installed.

Paid Version

Malwarebytes does something rather unusual among antivirus companies. It gives you a free 14-day trial period of its single-device Premium package with all its features. That gives you a chance to explore and test its functionality without spending anything upfront.

Malwarebytes has a real-time protection feature that effectively blocks malware, ransomware, exploits, and even malicious websites.

After a successful installation of the program, you can easily check the real-time protection on the dashboard.

Malwarebytes’ real-time protection is more effective with all the layers of protection turned on. If turned off, it’s highly recommended that you turn them on as soon as possible for full, real-time protection.

Additionally, Malwarebytes also detects and catches non-malware code like Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Although PUPs are not exactly harmful to your computer, they may significantly reduce the performance of your device or even inject malicious code into your device.

An additional benefit of the premium version is that it’s perfectly capable of “Scanning your computer up to 4 times faster.”


In our observations, we have found that many people do not want to spend heavily on top Antivirus solutions. Rather they stick to less reliable solutions while making numerous security compromises. It can, in reality, turn out to be a costlier decision.

Consider your devices as a vault where all your personal and sensitive data remains. Since that vault is in an unsafe environment, you have to appoint the right security solution to guard the same.

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